Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life Sucks!

All I can say is Life Suck things just went from bad to worse... No job, no money, no internet, no tv (don'g ask) no one wants to hire me I mean Lord what do you want me to do? I'm still living with my mom (smh). I just want a job that pays... ok no more venting. Hopefully I can write more poetry... maybe a sad one who knows.

This is Misha Taylor saying..... MY LIFE SUCKS!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Abstract Poem

North Trail

Voice-less fox-es hissed through their north journey.
Melodic Junction reserves soothing construction.
Their right shoulders abide in clever sighs,
unleaded by copies but accessories.
Her first service bailed broad sales beneath Cornell.

(I found words on sighs, vehicles and my surroundings when I was going to Sam's job to pick up his check and that's how I created this poem. Oh I added 5 adjectives for each line.)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Started a New Manga.

So I started to read a new manga called Monkey High, I'm really impatient right now because I have read vol 1-6 and am currently waiting for vol 7 from the library. Oh, should have my abstract poem by the end of this week : )

Friday, September 9, 2011

Abstract Challenge

So I finally paid my $36.42 bill at the library and now I'm able to check out some books that will challenge me in my poems. Who knows, perhaps I might make a master piece. Any who, first poem for next week is going to be abstract. Just to  let you know I have no idea what I'm doing, if it's going to be abstract or not but I believe art is created out of mistakes ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Throw Back # 1


Despite my dry eyes
chains of past names
weigh my body down with strains.
I couldn’t rehabilitate
For their lost words ache
And quake my soul into a hilarious joke.

Destitute is in front of me
indignation is the only thing I see.
Mountains and valleys
spread far and wide.
Jelly heat vibes
arouse from their decayed times.
Lines of pathetic dust
laid waste in my trunk
which use to carry treasures
taken away by friendly leisure.

Antidote, antidote!
I need a cure.
Tear away this tiresome curse
from my dying body,
and drive sharp bloody needles in to my veins.
Pump me with His remedy
before I lose my mind;
being spoon feed with degrading lies.
It shatter myself worth into mines
exploding by the tick of the tock
Bamboozle flops as my rain drops
But dryness is all I feel.
Terrors….. Errors…
A sea of sand like the Sahara.

Friday, August 26, 2011

God is an Awesome God!

That is all I can say, I love him dearly. I found a notebook that I was looking for almost two years that have all my old poems and stories. I'm so grateful. I was almost in tears when I found it. So for the next couple of week I will be recycling my old poems and putting them up here so you can read and critique.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Screwless Heads

Don’t sympathize but recognize
the cannibalistic side of slippery sin.
It will spill chills of soft deceptive pills
Into that idealistic notion called free will.
Leaking hypnotic notes, of cliché quotes
that stays a floats in your deranged brain.

No pain no game sin says to the sane,
until the capable becomes the dependable insane
Chained into an Americanized frame
But what that phrase indirectly states is
Life is just a game, so inflict unnecessary pain
to retain empty fame or how I see it
an invalid aim.

Millions risk many chances, break moral fences
And wait for that playful dance that
Will enchant them into that Magical Semblances
Influence by Video Games, Movies, TV Shows,
You know how that goes.

Bunch of Screwless heads
Feeling their way through life with arms and legs.
They reject the head for immorality
Replaced wisdom and intellect for debauchery
Blind to the fact they’re advancing to a diabolical fatality
We’re rapidly losing Moral Kombats in this modern society.

Some people like to blame the parents
others on the youth choices
But I blame the system
Who eliminated the godly voices.
They obliterated Sabbath to sun worship
And if you don’t believe me ask your twofaced bishop

Monday, July 18, 2011

Long time long Blog!

So since I started my summer job I have been to busy to blog and write, I'm sorry.... that's all I can say. However, I did got a request. My next poem's title is Screwless Head. I should have it posted sometime this week. Can't make any promises now that my neighbor blocked their internet and I can't freeload off of them so when whenever I'm at the library or any wireless area I will post it then.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Reading Break!

Hey all, so I have been a bit busy working and getting things reading for Sabbath lessons and my job, so I really didn’t had much time to post. OK so that’s half a lie. The real reason I haven’t been posting is because I was doing a lot of reading. I’m kinda ashamed to say it wasn’t constructive reading but pure entertainment. I can’t help it. I was waiting for a whole week for book two of a new Manga I got into last week called After School Nightmare. When the library called me, it was over. Sorry… however I will continue the same routine each week. I’ll post a poem on Tuesday, and if I know what I’m planning on doing (format, style, assignment) I will let you know on Friday.

FYI-my trip to Columbus was horrible, I’m currently waiting from my video  to be edited so you can see what happen. But as far as materials for a poem… Nope, I was too frustrated.

Friday June 17, 2011. I was screaming in the streets when I got the phone call.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Travel Poem

So this Sunday I’m stuck riding with my mother all the way down to Columbus to pick my little sister up for summer break from Ohio State. I have to help pack all of her carochy into mom’s minivan… great. So I guess I’ll take advantage of the road trip and write ideas, and descriptions of the scenery and anything I see that is interesting. On Monday, I’ll decipher a poem out of what I write. Yay road trip! (Note, I’m being sarcastic.)  

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I’m sorry; I have been trying to change my settings so people who don’t have Gmail could still comment on my blog. However, unless you have a Google Account, Live Journal, WordPress, OpenID or Aim account, you can’t; and if you can, it’s beyond my knowledge. I kind of look up OpenID, and they are saying something like you can keep your account and comment, but I don’t want my readers do more than they have to. So, I changed my setting where if you want to comment without using any of the above accounts you can just pick anonymous. I know this can be a risk, and I might have a lot of crazy people putting crap on my board but I’m willing to take the risk! Oh, and if you do pick anonymous please indicate who you are if I know you. Hopes this helps out Keisha, and Teesha. Love you guys.   

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Evil Time

So….. I cheated. I’m sorry. I had to! I couldn’t ended it the way it was, so I added the last line on my own. Also I used some phrases instead of words in some verses. I had to, Ezekiel 7 is a wonderful chapter. You should read it! If it makes you feel any better, I got it strictly from the bible. So besides for, a, it, into, to, and will I added more words like burning and whines. Hope you like it.

The word watcheth,
for a time cometh.
Ancient iniquity and wailing fury
Polluted its secret place.

Morning is gone;
it escaped into the deserts
where evil will judge the weak
as wrath waters.

The last trumpet died
under the burning sackcloth
and the stumbling blocks.

Destruction cometh.
It judges bloody crimes
And pomp whines.

For Vengeance is Mines, saith the Lord.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ezekiel's Pick!

Hey readers!
Sorry I’m posting late; I had a lot of work to do to prepare for Sabbath, but here is my assignment. I’m going to read Ezekiel chapter 7, and choose one word out of each verse that stands out the most to me. Then I’m going to write a poem using those words. (I will add articles and some verbs if need be but that’s it.) Like the assignment? Yes? Then do it with me; you can use a different book of the bible that you find more interesting and post it on my blog.  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some 5 mins Poetry

As promise, here are my two favorite five minutes writing. Feel free to ask questions or share some of your poetry.
Rows of dough stick close to my corporal folds:
Fried chicken, sacchariferous cookies, takeout shouts.
It’s the obesity of American Society,
Shameless but full of shame
Disfigured personas that contain the same name.
Theirs back, packs and stores the fat of deadly snacks.
I refuse to be in this category!
Refuse to blend in with the butter twins and the McDonald flings.  

Doom! And it explodes!
In the speed of light,
And as sneaking and painless as a mosquito bite
There goes your miserable life!

Invisible creatures watch beneath our steps.
Waiting to be invited into the golden age
Where, light and darkness unite as one
Creating a magical song of Doom! And
Dom      dom       dom.
Listen to the children’s playful song
As it vibrates black screams
Of metaphoric schemes.
This time, it’s not a dream.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello readers!

So if you were wondering if I worked on the Every Hour Write assignment I did.  However I slept straight through my alarm from 2am- 5am. Go figure.  This assignment wasn’t as fun as I imagined it. When 8pm hit I was done. I couldn’t think of anything to write about.  Now all I have to do is read what I have and post the ones worth reading. Trust, I will try not to waste your time.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Random Sunday Morning

Hello Readers!
                Have you ever had the feeling that you don’t want to see something disturbing that you experienced before and run into it that same day you were thinking about it right after you assured yourself that that wouldn’t happen? Well it happen to me this morning. It’s kinda weird, ever since I was six years old; I use to always see spiders in October. The second year of the same occurrence, I told myself that October is going to be the month of spiders. Every following October, I saw a spider: making a web in the ceiling corner, roaming down a slide, jumping out a cabinet into my sister’s dress which made her strip out of her orange glitter in front of the whole family (priceless moment), and crawling down my classmate back. And for the record, he didn’t even believe me when I told him. He was like na ah! And I was like Yeahuh!   But I guess it was because we were in first grade.
                However, the real reason I’m blogging today is because I feel like I psych myself with this assignment. The first time I did it was at Miami University. At that time, there was a huge brown spider in the shower of Stanton Hall. I mean huge! So big, he decided to confiscate three ceiling stalls.  He became the topic of one of my hours.
                So today, as I was getting ready for work, I told myself that I might see a spider tomorrow, but then I was like no, there’s no way a spider that big can be in my house. I’m not in the Boondies, and all of our windows are close. Wrong! So I was in the shower, and as soon as I look up to investigate our lame excuse for water pressure, what do I see descending from the ceiling, a huge black spider with white spots! Not as big as the one in MU, but big enough to freak me out.
Ooo I went a hollering and a screaming. Not dramatically like the movies but like “ahhh, ahhh, no, no,no, no!” I manage to wrap my towel and called Sam from the attic. Who I might add was making beats at 8 in the morning (my talented boyfriend). I demanded for a shoe and his height. I guess Ole Blacky (Yes I named him) knew what was going to happen by the sound of my voice, so he made his way back up the ceiling by the time Sam came down the stairs. “Oh it’s a jumping spider,” he said. “I don’t care; just kill it,” I thought. But Ole Blacky was prepared; he knew his days were numbered, so he prepared himself for the final jump. His goal was to bite Sam and die happy. We could tell he made that decision because he kept angling his body towards Sam.  When Sam moved to the right, he moved right, and when Sam moved to the left, he moved left. Yes he was prepared to go down fighting like a true Samurai. Fortunately, Sam found the Clorox spray and spray the poor bastard. He shrivel up, fell, and Sam stomp on him. That was my Sunday morning. So glad Sam was here; if he wasn’t, I probably would have tried to get mom to kill it for me lol.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Every Hour on the Hour

Here is my assignment for next Monday May 30, 2011. I plan on writing for five minutes every hour on the hour from Monday 6am-Tuesday 5am. I haven’t been writing poetry for a while, so I figure this will be a good start to revise my brain from its 2 year absence. Hopefully I’ll have something worth showing.  If you like to write, you should try this assignment too. I did it once for a Poetry class and was like “this seems like a fun challenge,” but the process was frustrating when I had to wake up every hour out my sleep. We’ll see how it turns out.