Sunday, August 28, 2011

Throw Back # 1


Despite my dry eyes
chains of past names
weigh my body down with strains.
I couldn’t rehabilitate
For their lost words ache
And quake my soul into a hilarious joke.

Destitute is in front of me
indignation is the only thing I see.
Mountains and valleys
spread far and wide.
Jelly heat vibes
arouse from their decayed times.
Lines of pathetic dust
laid waste in my trunk
which use to carry treasures
taken away by friendly leisure.

Antidote, antidote!
I need a cure.
Tear away this tiresome curse
from my dying body,
and drive sharp bloody needles in to my veins.
Pump me with His remedy
before I lose my mind;
being spoon feed with degrading lies.
It shatter myself worth into mines
exploding by the tick of the tock
Bamboozle flops as my rain drops
But dryness is all I feel.
Terrors….. Errors…
A sea of sand like the Sahara.

Friday, August 26, 2011

God is an Awesome God!

That is all I can say, I love him dearly. I found a notebook that I was looking for almost two years that have all my old poems and stories. I'm so grateful. I was almost in tears when I found it. So for the next couple of week I will be recycling my old poems and putting them up here so you can read and critique.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Screwless Heads

Don’t sympathize but recognize
the cannibalistic side of slippery sin.
It will spill chills of soft deceptive pills
Into that idealistic notion called free will.
Leaking hypnotic notes, of cliché quotes
that stays a floats in your deranged brain.

No pain no game sin says to the sane,
until the capable becomes the dependable insane
Chained into an Americanized frame
But what that phrase indirectly states is
Life is just a game, so inflict unnecessary pain
to retain empty fame or how I see it
an invalid aim.

Millions risk many chances, break moral fences
And wait for that playful dance that
Will enchant them into that Magical Semblances
Influence by Video Games, Movies, TV Shows,
You know how that goes.

Bunch of Screwless heads
Feeling their way through life with arms and legs.
They reject the head for immorality
Replaced wisdom and intellect for debauchery
Blind to the fact they’re advancing to a diabolical fatality
We’re rapidly losing Moral Kombats in this modern society.

Some people like to blame the parents
others on the youth choices
But I blame the system
Who eliminated the godly voices.
They obliterated Sabbath to sun worship
And if you don’t believe me ask your twofaced bishop