Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good news, I finished my workout for that week, bad news I haven't workout in a little over a week but I will get on it today....On a different note,  last week my uncle was found dead. No one really knows what happen  but we were aware that he sometimes stop breathing in his sleep. I just pray God helps my cousins get through this. He was a wonderful father, its  sad his youngest might not remember that.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Soo... I do this all the time. I workout hardcore for four weeks some times six weeks and then I get really lazy from 2-4 weeks and then start all over again. It's bad I know it, I just get really busy or lazy, which ever comes first. I'm currently on week 5 and  only work out once this week. I need to work out tonight and tomorrow but I have some much things to do and work is kicking my butt!. Tomorrow is Friday and I have clean and prepare myself  for Sabbath  not to mention I teach 3 Saturdays a month and preparing the children's lesson is time consuming. Sigh... I wanted to be busy and God granted me that wish... I'm finish complaining.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hey I know I haven't post in a looong time. I have been working on my other blog called Precious Rose. You should check it out. Any who I just wanted to post before I have to many changes in my life to post. But change number one I took out my dreads. Yeah I had it for 11 years and it's finally out. I do miss it but I'm currently having fun with my wig lol. The truth is I was going bald in front. If you see the first pic two the left my hair was thinning out. All that hair was pulling it, not to mention the twisting thinning it out too. But, I still have a head full of hair :).