Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello readers!

So if you were wondering if I worked on the Every Hour Write assignment I did.  However I slept straight through my alarm from 2am- 5am. Go figure.  This assignment wasn’t as fun as I imagined it. When 8pm hit I was done. I couldn’t think of anything to write about.  Now all I have to do is read what I have and post the ones worth reading. Trust, I will try not to waste your time.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Random Sunday Morning

Hello Readers!
                Have you ever had the feeling that you don’t want to see something disturbing that you experienced before and run into it that same day you were thinking about it right after you assured yourself that that wouldn’t happen? Well it happen to me this morning. It’s kinda weird, ever since I was six years old; I use to always see spiders in October. The second year of the same occurrence, I told myself that October is going to be the month of spiders. Every following October, I saw a spider: making a web in the ceiling corner, roaming down a slide, jumping out a cabinet into my sister’s dress which made her strip out of her orange glitter in front of the whole family (priceless moment), and crawling down my classmate back. And for the record, he didn’t even believe me when I told him. He was like na ah! And I was like Yeahuh!   But I guess it was because we were in first grade.
                However, the real reason I’m blogging today is because I feel like I psych myself with this assignment. The first time I did it was at Miami University. At that time, there was a huge brown spider in the shower of Stanton Hall. I mean huge! So big, he decided to confiscate three ceiling stalls.  He became the topic of one of my hours.
                So today, as I was getting ready for work, I told myself that I might see a spider tomorrow, but then I was like no, there’s no way a spider that big can be in my house. I’m not in the Boondies, and all of our windows are close. Wrong! So I was in the shower, and as soon as I look up to investigate our lame excuse for water pressure, what do I see descending from the ceiling, a huge black spider with white spots! Not as big as the one in MU, but big enough to freak me out.
Ooo I went a hollering and a screaming. Not dramatically like the movies but like “ahhh, ahhh, no, no,no, no!” I manage to wrap my towel and called Sam from the attic. Who I might add was making beats at 8 in the morning (my talented boyfriend). I demanded for a shoe and his height. I guess Ole Blacky (Yes I named him) knew what was going to happen by the sound of my voice, so he made his way back up the ceiling by the time Sam came down the stairs. “Oh it’s a jumping spider,” he said. “I don’t care; just kill it,” I thought. But Ole Blacky was prepared; he knew his days were numbered, so he prepared himself for the final jump. His goal was to bite Sam and die happy. We could tell he made that decision because he kept angling his body towards Sam.  When Sam moved to the right, he moved right, and when Sam moved to the left, he moved left. Yes he was prepared to go down fighting like a true Samurai. Fortunately, Sam found the Clorox spray and spray the poor bastard. He shrivel up, fell, and Sam stomp on him. That was my Sunday morning. So glad Sam was here; if he wasn’t, I probably would have tried to get mom to kill it for me lol.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Every Hour on the Hour

Here is my assignment for next Monday May 30, 2011. I plan on writing for five minutes every hour on the hour from Monday 6am-Tuesday 5am. I haven’t been writing poetry for a while, so I figure this will be a good start to revise my brain from its 2 year absence. Hopefully I’ll have something worth showing.  If you like to write, you should try this assignment too. I did it once for a Poetry class and was like “this seems like a fun challenge,” but the process was frustrating when I had to wake up every hour out my sleep. We’ll see how it turns out.